Explaining YPIE 2012

I am sure you are wondering what YPIE 2012 stands for. It has everything to do with my Astrological Journey. In 2001 I felt like life had left me on an island, that nothing worked. I had no passion and nothing mattered.

That was when a friend of mine recommended I see an Astrologer. I reluctantly agreed and felt that it was a waste of my time. I gave her my info one day before my appointment, feeling this was a hoax. I took every opportunity to prevent her from finding anything out through researching my personal life.

The Astrologer started the reading by pinpointing exactly what was going on with me in my life. She talked about cycles, energies, and how Astrology has been studied for more than 4,000 years, it is based on research of the human race during that time. My reading was one hour. The longer it progressed I realized she was talking to my inner voice (my soul). I realized in that one hour that I had a guidance system in me that I needed and that Astrology was the tool that would reveal that inner guidance system (my soul). Astrology is timeless, to apply in this life.

I realized a Natal Chart revealed all of who you were, are, and where you are going - your potential. At that moment I knew I had to learn more about this subject to make a difference in my world and everyone I encountered. I wanted to see everyone at their potential and I wanted them to see me at mine. As I have progressed, I realized that our potential is limitless, exponential. So I coined the phrase "Your Potential is Exponential" (YPIE). I know this, I breathe this, this is the absolute truth. I will spend the rest of my life growing infinitely myself, and helping all I encounter to do the same.

Now about 2012. As I studied Astrology, the Mayans were a tremendous draw to me. I could not help but think about their Astrological knowledge, their understanding of the universe, and how advanced their civilization was. They have a calendar that is 260 days in a year and ends on 12/21/2012. I was very interested in how they came about this, so I did my own research. I found this: In 2007, the planets Pluto, Jupiter, Sun, and Moon were all in the Galactic Center (today 26 degrees Sagittarius) at the same time. I knew this was a point we could transform the human race to open to the universe, its information and to its powers. At this point in the sky, the Galactic Center is filled with dark matter. Darkness is where EVERYTHING begins, a thought, a seed, all need darkness to grow. I believe, as the Mayans did, that you can access anything from this point. With the 2007 December planetary alignment, we had our past, our future, our souls, and our expansion all lined up in this center of black Galactic Energy. The reason the calendar ends on 12/21/2012 is because at 6:00 am that day, as the sun rises, the earth and the sun will be perfectly aligned in this Galactic Center. 6:00 am each day is the starting point where all the new beginnings happen. The Mayans saw this.

It is our duty to become all we can from the inside out between now and that fateful day. Anything is possible, anything is doable. Come with us on our quest to live from the inside out to make a more peaceful, beautiful, wonderful existence on the outside. At this point we will find in our existence that our potential is whatever we want it to be (exponential). We never truly die. We may change forms, but our existence goes on forever. YPIE 2012.

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