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Having my first astrological chart read changed my life and opened me to the idea that "Your Potential Is Exponential," (read more here) and I believe it will do the same for you. I am happy to be able to offer the following services to you, in a variety of ways to suit your schedule and individual needs:

Natal Chart - This chart focuses on the special moment in time when you were born and where the planets were positioned in the sky at the moment of birth. I believe this sets you off on the course of life with your magnetic, energetic makeup which draws you to events and people and repels events and people from you, to expand your soul and become more. This Natal Chart is matched up with the planetary positions for today and the future to help guide you on the path of reaching your potential.

Progressed Chart - Matches the Natal Chart with a chart that is progressed to the equivalent of 1 day to a year. For example, if you are 30 years old with a November 19, 1972 birthday, the chart pulled would be for December 19, 1972 (energetic makeup for the year you are currently living). Slows the whole thing down. Shows slow down movement of all the planets. Matches how 1 year will look like energy-wise.

We offer:
1 hour Natal Chart Reading -$85.00
1 hour Progressed Chart Reading -$85.00
30 minute Natal Audio Chart Reading - $40.00
30 minute Progressed Audio Chart Reading - $40.00
30 minute Natal or Progressed Chart Reading Follow Up Session for $50.00**

In order to read a chart, we will need your name, date of birth, time, and place of birth. All information will be kept confidential. Along with your reading, you will receive a copy of your chart and a CD recording of the session.

**Please Note: The Natal or Progressed Chart Reading Follow Up Session will not be recorded on a CD.

How to schedule a reading:

Readings can be scheduled by sending an email to Angela DelliColli, Please be sure to include the type of reading you'd like, your name, birth date, birth time, place of birth and telephone number.

The reading may be scheduled as in-person sessions or as phone readings. All in-person readings will take place in the Charlotte area.

How to pay for a reading:

You may pay with cash or check at the time of an in-person reading, or pay by PayPal or credit card here.

We look forward to hearing from you!





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